crown dentals laboratory

Digital Full-Service Dental Lab

In today’s highly world of aesthetics the role of the dental lab is more than ever.

crown dentals laboratory

Digital Full-Service Dental Lab

In today’s highly world of aesthetics the role of the dental lab is more than ever.

crown dentals laboratory

Digital Full-Service Dental Lab

In today’s highly world of aesthetics the role of the dental lab is more than ever.

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Welcomes to Crown dentals lab


Crown Dentals is formed in Vadakara Calicut district Kerala state India. As a digital full-service dental lab was founded in 2009. We crown Dentals serve you the various types of dental prosthesis especially in CAD CAM(latest technology of dentistry). Our laboratory has all the necessary certification that guarantee top quality complying with international standardization but along side that we offer safety of all products and services. Crown dentals enjoys ISO -13485,ISO10993(tested).under the leadership of our two managing partners we have more than 25 highly skilled technicianes. Quality of services provided by our dental lab with commitment to client satisfaction…

Our services

We are committed to your success like no other lab

Porcelain (PFM) Restoration

A PFM crown is a cap that is cemented over a natural tooth in order to protect it from damage or further decay

Porcelain (PFM) CAD CAM Restoration

CAD-CAM PFM is designed and precision milled with CAD/CAM technology with 5 years warranty

CAD CAM Full Metal

CAD CAM provides many advantages for restorative dentistry


The IPS e.max system has been complemented from the very beginning by the fluorapatite glass-ceramic IPS e.max Ceram

Our machineries

Laboratory Research for The Professionals

We believe every patient deserves to be treated using only the best materials fabricated on the most up-to-date equipment and technology. 

Amann Girbach Motion2 Milling Machine

The Ceramill Motion 2 was and still is a trendsetter to this day in the dental industry in terms of its technical features, fabrication diversity and quality. The compact machine offers a powerful variety of materials and indications due to the option of wet and dry processing. Three Ceramill Motion 2 packages keep work in the laboratory at maximum flexibility. High performance DNA milling strategies guarantee perfectly fitting results in all machines when processing CAD/CAM dental materials.

Phrozen 8k 3d Printer

An advantage of 3D printing is the unique way it builds the product with very little waste, this is called additive manufacturing. While the more traditional methods will have waste that can be re-used or recycled it still takes time and effort to determine just how and when the waste will be used.

Imaging the liver and biliary tract

By using the Ceramill Therm 3 high temperature furnace, zirconium oxide frameworks achieve their final density and the resulting outstanding material properties. For sintering, the objects are placed on sintering beads which guarantee a low friction sintering process and thus ensure distortion-free frameworks. The Ceramill Therm 3 offers a high level of process safety through its constant temperature control and homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the firing chamber.

Ivoclar Programmat 310

High process reliability due to infrared technology (IRT)[1] : The integrated thermographic camera is sensitive to infrared radiation and measures the temperature directly at the surface of the objects being fired. The furnace head and the heater are controlled with the infrared camera to ensure that the predefined pre-drying temperature is consistently maintained on the objects in the furnace.

Ivoclar Programmat 5000

Shining 3d Printer

3D printing is increasingly becoming one of the most effective ways to aid a variety of medical applications. There are several applications for 3D printing, ranging from product customization and prototyping to product research and manufacturing.


What our client say

Mathew John Medical Director

I am extremely happy to write this feedback after my visit to your Lab in September 2021. I have not found such professionalism and enthusiasm in any organization as Crown Dentals. The lab functions as one unit and all the tasks are well coordinated and precisely done. The infrastructure and processes were not only the best but better than many International labs i have visited so far.

Sara Alex Medical Director

In a technologically vibrant and fast-changing world, keeping close pace with advancing technology is crucial. The directors of Crown Dentals fully understand this reality. This is quite apparent in the manner in which they use only the most tested and advanced materials and products. Besides, their consistent up-gradation of lab equipment is commendable.

Julian K Medical Director

Being into clinical practice for 9 years now, I would really like to appreciate the efforts Crown Dentals team members have taken to maintain the quality of work. I would like to continue working with them in the years to come. I am extremely happy in having satisfied patients and would like to give the credit to Crown Dental Lab in helping me reach my goals.


    Partner - Managing Representative


    Partner - Quality Management


    Our Leadership Team

    We would say the thing that makes us stand out from other businesses is that we don’t mass-produce products everything is made for the individuals. From casting the models through to the finishing touches we always take extra care and in use only the latest and best technologies and materials available. To ensure that the team remains up to date with the latest innovations and techniques. We actively encourage all staff members to undertake additional training and attend local national conference and events. Our high standard of services is reflected in every aspects of our work and that is why we have customer loyalty

    Guided by our core values, we aim to be the preferred dental laboratory for full-service dental solutions through technology, education, and collaboration. To enhance the dental profession by building loyal relationships, providing unparalleled technical support, expertise, and aesthetic artistry. To support and remain proud of our team of professionals that handcraft exceptional dental prosthetics to serve the dental healthcare needs of patients.

    How can we help you ?

    Visit our lab at Vadakara, Calicut or call us at 0496-2524600